INTERSECT Contributors

The INTERSECT curriculum is built, maintained, and delivered by a community of volunteers.

INTERSECT Content Contributors & Instructors

Matt Armstrong, University of Alabama
David Bernholdt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Abhishek Biswas, Princeton University
Sunita Chandrasekaran, University of Delaware
Troy Comi, Princeton University
Anshu Dubey, Argonne National Laboratory
Jamil Gafur, University of Iowa/NREL
Jonathan Halverson, Princeton Univeristy
Bill Hasling, Princeton University
Upulee Kanewala, University of North Florida
Marshall McDonnell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Miranda Mundt, Sandia National Laboratories
Lauren E Milechin, MIT
Niaz Morshed, University of Alabama
Kyle Niemeyer, Oregon State University
Gabe Perez-Giz, New York University
David Rumph, Caltech
Henry Schreiner, Princeton University

We want to extend a special thanks to each and every contributor who has generously shared their time, expertise, and passion to help shape INTERSECT’s open-source training curriculum. Their dedication and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in creating a valuable resource for Research Software Engineering learners everywhere.