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Project Management Introduction

What is project management? The Project Management Institute defines project management as:

the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver something of value to people. The development of software for an improved business process, the construction of a building, the relief effort after a natural disaster, the expansion of sales into a new geographic market—these are all examples of projects.

Who needs Project Management?

If a group of people are working together, some amount of project management methodology will help. How large, long and complex the project is will determine how much project management discipline will be helpful. Generally, the more time and/or people involved, the more project management helps. If you are writing scripts for your own research to test out some ideas, and the project will extend some time, you (and ”future you”) will probably benefit from project management. If you are experimenting with something for just one week, you probably don’t need project management. But are you sure it’s really just “one week”?

Software Development Process

There are many different methodologies to help organize the software development process. In the following sections, we will discuss some of the more popular methodologies such as the Waterfall model and AGILE software development.

Key Points

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